$30 Million Tort Claim Against Ada County Alleges Dynamis is Breach of Existing Contract


Claiming that Ada County's new deal with Dynamis Energy is a breach of its six-year contract, Hidden Hollow Energy has filed a $30 million tort claim against the county.

The claim details how Hidden Hollow has been converting trash to energy since 2006 at the Ada County landfill, with Ada County reaping $250,000 in royalties each year for the energy being sold to Idaho Power. But in 2011, Ada County commissioners voted to strike a new deal with Dynamis, where the controversial waste-to-energy facility would take more than 400 tons of trash from the same landfill each day. Hidden Hollow, based in Lockport, N.Y., claims the Dynamis deal is a conflict of interest for the county.

New County Commissioner Dave Case has proposed that Ada County dissolve its contract with Dynamis, citing missed construction deadlines. Additionally, the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality told Dynamis officials in May that it needed more information on emissions and terrain before moving forward with an air quality permit for the project.

At a public hearing earlier this month, Boise City President Maryanne Jordan and Council Member Elaine Clegg expressed their concerns about the Ada County's 30-year contract with Dynamis.