Boise Council Facing $2.2 Million Revenue Gap For FY 2013


When the Boise City Council convenes this Tuesday, July 24, city leaders will take public testimony on its proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2013, which runs from October until September 2013.

Council members tentatively approved a 2013 spending plan a year ago—the City of Boise usually crafts a two-year spending plan. The initial 2013 budget was for $350 million.

A year ago, Boise Fire and Police employees voluntarily waived a previously negotiated salary increase totaling almost $1.3 million, instrumental in closing the projected FY 2013 budget gap. Once the books are closed on the current fiscal year and if funding is secured for what the city deems "critical repair and maintenance on major equipment items," Mayor Dave Bieter is recommending that a portion of any remaining end-of-year dollars be allocated to a one-time compensation for contract Fire and Police employees.

A year ago, Boise budget planners had forecast a $1 million gap between revenues and expenses for Fiscal Year 2013. But now, the same number crunchers are expecting revenues to drop another $1.2 million, totaling a $2.2 million shortfall. Some of the gap is expected to be made up in reductions of staff, primarily eliminating open positions.

The council is expected to give its final approval on a FY 2013 budget at its Tuesday, Aug. 21, meeting.