Press-Tribune: Engineers Pulling Methane From Marsing Well Water For Fuel


The community of Marsing has so much methane in its well water that it has plans to siphon out the gas to use for fuel. The Idaho Press-Tribune reports that the plans include using the methane to generate electricitiy, heat schools, "and perhaps someday power vehicles in [Marsing's] fleet."

The IPT reports that Marsing town officials are working with engineers from the Idaho National Laboratory to extract the methane from the well water. Engineers said that the methane found in the well water is "already 95 percent pure," so there is no need for an expensive purification process.

“It’s ready to go,” Marsing water treatment operator John Larsen told the IPT. “We just need to get the water out of it. That’s one thing we’re working on with the filtration process."