Idaho Power Reports Increased Snowpack After Seeding Clouds


Idaho Power weather watchers, determined to manipulate the Gem State snowpack, said Friday that they had positive results from cloud seeding.

The Twin Falls Times-News reports this morning that silver iodide, in a gas form, is seeded through vaporizing generators. The silver iodide is designed to latch onto water particles and crystallize. Idaho Power officials announced during Friday's Idaho Water Resource Board meeting that meteorologists had confirmed increased snowfall during the winter months over the Payette River Basin.

According to the Times-News, Idaho power currently has 10 iodide-shooting generators in the Payette area, and 16 cloud-seeding devices in the Upper Snake River Basin.

"We're in the 5 to 15 percent increase in snowfall right now from when we first began," Idaho Power meteorologist Derek Blesrud told the IWR meeting.