NBC, Microsoft Divorce; MSNBC.com Dies


Microsoft and NBC News have pulled the plug on MSNBC.com.

In fact, users who log on to MSNBC.com are now automatically redirected to NBCNews.com. The website is also moving from Microsoft's campus in Redmond, Wash., to NBC News headquarters in New York.

Despite the financial success of the website, Microsoft and NBC News parted ways after 16 years because of differences over how to control the partnership and content. NBC is buying out Microsoft's 50 percent interest in MSNBC.com and the site has been rebranded as NBCNews.com.

The New York Times reports that both Microsoft and NBC came to feel handcuffed by the Web arrangement. NBC's advertisers wanted to buy ads both on its TV newscasts and websites, but were hindered by the fact that Microsoft ran the ad sales. Microsoft for its part was frustrated because its contract required it to exclusively feature MSNBC.com content on its website.

Microsoft is expected to launch its own news service later this fall.