Cities of McCall and Cascade to Valley County Commisioners: Butt Out of Our Business


The verbal shoving match between Valley County and the City of McCall continues to escalate over the services of Valley County Prosecutor Matt Williams.

Williams is saying that he was illegally fired by the county (even though his position is an elected one), and he filed a $120,000 lawsuit against the county commission. The commissioners, who said that Williams' termination was "legal and justifiable," warned officials with the City of McCall to immediately terminate its contract with Williams or face a possible lawsuit.

A week ago, Valley County commissioners warned the McCall City Council that they never gave their permission for Williams to prosecute the city's court cases. But Williams had been prosecuting cases for McCall since 2007 and said his contract with the city was through his private practice.

This morning's McCall Star-News reports that city officials in McCall and Cascade have told Valley County to "butt out."

Attorneys representing both cities warned Valley County commissioners that they would "virgorously" defend themselves against what they called "an unnecessary and untimely interference" of prosecution services.

Williams told the Star-News that he appreciated the support from McCall and Cascade.

“Why are the commissioners attacking the cities?” Williams told the Star-News. “What have the taxpayers in the cities that provide approximately 40 percent of the Valley County tax revenues done to deserve being treated like this?”