Fish and Game to Tour Hammer Flat on Monday


The Idaho Department of Fish and Game, new owners of Hammer Flat, will show off its newest acquisition Monday.

In a relatively low-key process, Fish and Game closed on the sale of 704 acres of Boise Foothills land on June 28. That's when the City of Boise sold the coveted parcel of land for $4.2 million. Fish and Game used Bonneville Power Administration mitigation funds to make the purchase.

“Just like any other house deal, it goes into escrow,” Fish and Game Wildlife Program Coordinator Gregg Servheen told Citydesk. “So Bonneville transfers it into escrow and then it’s transferred to the city.”

Fish and Game has yet to decide on how it will manage the land, which for years was seen as a major paragliding destination.

Representatives from Fish and Game, the City of Boise and Bonneville Power have invited representatives from the media to give the land a once-over on Monday.