FBI To Shut Down Thousands Of Infected Internet Users


On Sunday, July 8, the FBI will kill Internet access to thousands of Americans. The agency is getting the word out in hopes that you won't be one of those with no Web access.

The feds are scheduled to pull the plug on servers seized in a raid that are responsible for the so-called "DNS Changer" malware. In late 2011, the FBI busted six Estonian nationals allegedly running a scam that pushed victims to rogue sites through the virus. Despite repeated alerts, the number of computers still infected is expected to be approximately 277,000 worldwide, down from 460,000 in April. Of those still infected, the FBI said about 64,000 are in the United States.

In a highly unusual move, the FBI set up a safety net around the malware servers. The agency brought in a private company to install clean Internet servers to take over for the malicious servers so that victims would not suddenly lose their Internet. But that temporary system will be shut down at 10:01 p.m. Mountain Time on Sunday, July 8.

To check whether a computer is infected, users can visit a website run by the group brought in by the FBI: http://www.dcwg.org .