Report: Former Sun Valley City Administrator Threatens $3 Million Suit


A former administrator is threatening the City of Sun Valley with a $3 million lawsuit, alleging defamation and wrongful termination.

This morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports that Sharon Hammer alleged that Sun Valley City Councilman Nils Ribi "engaged in harassing and abusive conduct" toward the former city administrator. Hammer filed a similar suit in November 2011, but dropped the action, saying she wanted to give the city a chance to settle. But now, Hammer has filed a notice of tort claim, which could trigger a new suit.

The City of Sun Valley recently settled a claim by city Treasurer Michelle Frostenson, who said she was retaliated against by Hammer for alleging that Hammer had participated in alleged misconduct, including misrepresentation of paid time off and personal use of city vehicles and credit cards. Following an investigation by the city, Hammer was told in November 2011 that she was being accused of theft, fraud and embezzlement. Hammer was suspended from her position and ultimately terminated.