Idaho's Public Wolf Hunt Season Ends, Hunting Continues on Private Land


The Idaho Department of Fish and Game reports that the just-completed 2011-2012 wolf hunting season resulted in hunters killing 255 wolves and trappers killing another 124, for a total of 379.

Another wolf hunting season is scheduled to open statewide on Thursday, Aug. 30. A new wolf trapping season will open Thursday, Nov. 15 in six of Idaho's wolf zones.

Meanwhile, this morning's Coeur d'Alene Press reports that wolf hunting has already begun for the 2012-2013 on private land only in the state's Panhandle wolf management zone. There is harvest limit in the region.

"Idaho appears more concerned with catering to anti-wolf extremists who want to get rid of as many wolves as possible than in responsibly managing wildlife," Mike Leahy of Defenders of Wildlife told the Press. "In doing so, the state is ignoring the vast majority of Americans that want to see responsible wolf management and a healthy wolf population for generations to come."