Idaho AG Warns of Post-Wildfire Scams


Following a major natural disaster, fraud can come in the form of fake charities, phony government inspectors and more, according to a consumer alert issued by Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden.

The AG's office warns Idaho consumers to be wary of possible scams that may follow major wildfires, like the blazes burning in Pocatello and Colorado.

Wasden's office cautioned Idahoans of schemes such as door-to-door sales, home repair and construction fraud related to the wildfires. Wasden encouraged citizens to report any suspicious activity to the AG's Consumer Protection Division.

Signing a complete contract, getting a full written estimate and vetting possible contractors with the Better Business Bureau can help protect Idahoans from scams. As with other natural disasters, Wasden also told citizens to be on the lookout for charity solicitations over the phone. If you're interested in donating, ask for written information by mail, he said.

The AG's website offers a tool to submit a tip or call 800-432-3545 if you suspect something suspicious.