Boise Firefighters Join in Pocatello Blaze Battle


While southeast Idaho fire officials struggle to contain the Charlotte Fire, a wildfire blazing the foothills south of Pocatello, Boise Fire Department units and firefighters are on the ground to help.

That fire has consumed more than 1,000 acres and has already destroyed 66 homes.

Two Boise brush rigs, each with a three-man crew, and a separate command vehicle with a battalion chief have joined to help fight the blaze. The crews have committed to providing 36 hours of assistance.

The aid comes in the form of a statewide agreement, in which both cities share the cost of fire services offered elsewhere. Boise firefighters are also on hand in Colorado to help battle a blaze that has destroyed more than 300 homes.

Boise Fire Chief Dennis Doan stressed that despite lending assistance in Pocatello, full staffing for this year's Fourth of July festivities will be on hand in Boise.