Survey: Unemployment is a Date-Breaker


Out of a job? Then you may be out of a date.

A new study suggests that 75 percent of women are unwilling to date an unemployed man.

The survey, conducted by speciality dating service It's Just Lunch, asked 925 single women, "Would you go out on a date with someone you knew was unemployed?" One-third of the women said "No," while 42 percent said "Maybe," with the stipulation that "I wouldn't want to throw a lot of time into it unless they had a game plan for getting back on track."

"This is the rare area, compared to other topics we've done surveys on, where women's old-fashioned beliefs about sex roles seem to apply," said Irene LaCota, spokesperson for It's Just Lunch.

Live Science noted that men may have different priorities. Only one-third of the men surveyed said they wouldn't date an unemployed woman.