City of Boise Set to Begin Process of Crafting 2014-2015 Budget


The City of Boise, which a year ago approved a 2012 budget that topped $330 million and a 2013 budget for $350 million, including salary freezes and a property tax increase, begins a new round of planning on Tuesday, June 25, to craft a Fiscal Year 2014 spending plan. The council traditionally crafts a two-year budget.

Mayor Bieter and the Boise City Council have scheduled a five-and-a-half budget workshop, including revisions to the 2013 spending plan and the beginnings of a new framework for a two-year 2014-2015 budget.

In August 2011, the council agreed to a 1.5 percent increase on property taxes, but many taxpayers still saw a reduction in their property taxes because property values have decreased over the past two years. The council also agreed to a 0.25 percent increase on an electric franchise free (representing about 18 cents-a-month for an average homeowner).

The city's fiscal year runs October-September.