Check Engine Light? That Could Cost You $335


Idaho is close the national average when it comes to auto repairs.

CarMD's annual Vehicle Health Index was published this morning shows that when the "check engine" light is illuminated on the dashboard of an automobile, Idahoans shell out an average of $335.08 for parts and labor, ranking 21st in the nation. The national average for "check engine"-related repairs in 2011 was $333.93.

While Nevada's average auto repair costs ($332.52) were similar to Idaho's, other bordering states were much higher. Oregon was ranked as the 15th highest in the nation, Washington was 11th and Montana ranked near the top, at No. 4, averaging $364.29 for "check engine" repairs. Wyoming was the highest in the nation with the average total car repair cost of $389.18.

The lowest car repair costs, according to CarMD were in Indiana, averaging $283.95 for parts and labor.