What's In Your Wallet? Thousands of Capital One Complaints


Capital One is the least popular credit card in the United States, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of complaints filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The company—the fifth-largest in the U.S.—beat both American Express and JP Morgan Chase in receiving 2,713 complaints in the past 10 months. Consumers complained about billing, collection practices, interest rates and identity theft risks.

American Express had the fewest complaints at 872. JP Morgan and Bank of America logged more than 1,800 complaints each, while Citigroup landed in second place with more than 2,300 complaints.

The newly formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is working on putting the complaints online in a searchable database, has so far received nearly 17,000 complaints from consumers. Credit card issuers have 15 days to respond to complaints and any complaints that are ignored are tagged in the database.