Lost Idaho Wolf Pup On His Way To Virginia's Busch Gardens


An Idaho wolf pup found near Ketchum on Memorial Day Weekend is heading to a new home in Virginia. Idaho Fish and Game officials have selected Busch Gardens in Willamsburg, Va., to be the pup's new home.

The 6-week-old pup will be around two other pups of the same age at Busch Gardens, which has housed and cared for wolves for more than 12 years. The park currently has a total of nine wolves. The National Zoo in Washington, D.C.—affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution—regularly sends its staff to Busch Gardens for captive wolf training.

On May 25, out-of-town campers picked up what they thought was a lost domestic puppy outside of Ketchum and took it to a Wood River Valley vet clinic. A DNA test confirmed that the pup was a wild wolf. Fish and Game looked for a wolf pack near where the pup was found, but didn't find any fresh signs of a pack in the area. Zoo Boise cared for the pup while officials decided on a suitable home for the wolf.