Jimmy Farris: 'Put Labrador on Waivers'


Congressional candidate Jimmy Farris' handshake is really, really firm for good reason. The former NFL running back (and Super Bowl champion) is pressing a lot of flesh this weekend in friendly surroundings: the Idaho State Democratic Convention, which is currently under way in Boise.

"Some think Jimmy [34-years-old] is too young. I would remind them that Frank Church was 32 when he first ran for the United States Senate," said Larry Grant, chairman of the Idaho Democratic Party. "And Cecil Andrus was 35 when he first ran for governor."

Farris isn't shy when talking about his NFL years, having played for Atlanta, New England, Jacksonville, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

"I worked my tail off," Farris told Dem delegates Friday, June 15. "But I also know that sometimes, you don't get what you deserve. Look at Idaho, we deserve so much more. We're 49th in the nation in median income, 47th in education and we have the nation's 13th highest enrollment in the food stamp program."

And Farris had one more football analogy for his opponent, incumbent Republican Rep. Raul Labrador.

"There's a term they use when they say goodbye to a football player. It's called 'being put on waivers.' It's time to put Raul Labrador on waivers," said Farris. "Let's give him a two-year head start on his next move, which will probably be running for governor of Idaho."

Grant took it a step further.

"I think both Labrador and [Superintendent of Public Instruction] Tom Luna will both run for governor," said Grant. "What do you say we give them both a head start by getting them out of their current offices?"

You can read a full conversation with Farris as this week's Citizen, in the current issue of Boise Weekly.

Farris's 2nd District counterpart, Sen. Nicole LeFavour, who is mounting her own congressional campaign against incumbent Republican Rep. Mike Simpson, is slated to address the convention this afternoon.