Idaho Family Wants Godmobile to be Born Again


An Idaho family is hoping that the State Legislature will fund a new transportation museum, including a showcase for something called the "Godmobile."

This morning's Lewiston Tribune reports that a retired University of Idaho professor and his sister, a magazine publisher for the University of Idaho, want the Godmobile to be brought out of mothballs. The brother and sister said they fondly remembered their family's Christian revival-on-wheels that traveled more than 200,000 miles around the West between 1930 and 1960.

In fact, the Godmobile is actually two vehicles: One is a repurposed hearse built with a pulpit on the back, and the second is a bus (pulled by the hearse) with Bible scriptures written on the sides. The family's final revival meeting was held in Boise in 1961. Since then, the Godmobile has been stored for several decades at Idaho Transportation Department warehouses in Boise.