War Chest 2012: Labrador Outpacing Farris in Campaign Receipts 17-1


Editor's note: Citydesk will be regularly tracking campaign war chests, local and national, as we follow donations to candidates for the White House, U.S. Congress and the Idaho Statehouse.

In the race to determine who should represent Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, Republican incumbent Rep. Raul Labrador’s campaign receipts have reached more than 17 times those of Democratic challenger Jimmy Farris.

As of April 30, Labrador’s fund-raising efforts had amounted to a total of $480,674 in contributions, compared to Farris’ $27,489.

“I’m definitely disappointed in what’s happened or not happened from a fund-raising standpoint,” Farris told Citydesk. “I’m disappointed in how important money is, because the truth is, with the right amount of money, you can get anybody elected.”

Farris is beginning a push for increased fundraising throughout the summer in preparation for harder campaigning, including television advertisements, after Labor Day.

In fact, Farris has scheduled a high-profile address in front of the Idaho Democratic State Convention for Friday, June 15.

Labrador, whose donors are a nearly equal mix of individuals and political action committees, has disbursed $325,879, leaving nearly $200,000 on hand for the remaining four-and-a-half months before the general election. Farris has spent $20,320 and reported more than $7,000 left on hand.

“People always want to feel like they’re supporting a winner,” said Farris. “But if all the people that said, ‘I’d like to support him, but I just want to see if he can win,’ if they supported me, I could win.”