Beer and Wine Set to Return to The Crux


Boise's Main Street coffee shop, The Crux, could be pouring beer and wine again as early as next week. Crux owner Bob Cooper's license to serve alcohol was suspended in April for allowing all ages in a drinking establishment, but the proprietor told Citydesk that his license was returned to him earlier this month.

"I’m saying that we both gave a little. We gave up two months of the sales, and we’re adding some sandwiches," said Cooper. "We’re going to make the best of it."

After Cooper was informed his coffee shop/music venue could no longer serve beer, he began expansion of his Main Street location to accommodate a kitchen, a stipulation Idaho State Police Lt. Robert Clements told him would put him back in the right.

Late today, Cooper was putting the finishing touches on an expansion, which will double the size of his business.

The Crux decided to offer sandwiches, and was told it would need to install an oven. However, when an ISP inspector visited his establishment June 5, Cooper said he was told he wouldn't need an oven after all.

"He told me, 'Yes, Mr. Cooper, it should be no problem.'"

Cooper also said his business lost two full-time employees due to lack of work while operating without alcohol. He said one of those employees will return when The Crux officially pours beer once more, which could come as early as Tuesday, June 19.