War Chest 2012: Simpson Far Outpacing LeFavour in Campaign Receipts, Spending


Editor's note: Citydesk will be regularly tracking campaign war chests, local and national, as we follow donations to candidates for the White House, U.S. Congress and the Idaho Statehouse.

In the race for Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District, Republican incumbent Rep. Mike Simpson’s fundraising efforts are currently crushing those of his Democratic challenger, Sen.Nicole Lefavour, In fact, Simpson’s net funds amount to more than 11 times what Lefavour has raised, according to Federal Election Commission records.

As of April 30, Simpson had raised $760,047 in individual donations compared to Lefavour's $67,901. Republican Marvin Heileson, defeated by Simpson handily in the May 15 GOP primary, had raised $18,334.

An inspection of donation records revealed that much of Simpson’s support wasn’t coming from his constituents. Only 35 percent of Simpson’s individual contributions (not including committee contributions) came from Idaho donors, and many of those resided in the 1st Congressional District.

Conversely, Lefavour had received more than half her support from Idahoans, most of whom resided in the 2nd District.

Simpson’s spending was far outpacing that of his opponents. To date, Simpson had spent $617,591. Lefavour has spent only $6,816, while Heileson had spent nearly three times as much as Lefavour at $16,068.