Idaho Man Charged With Backing Up Truck, Causing Fatal Fall Into Canyon


A Bellevue man is behind bars, being held on $250,000 bond, charged with knocking a man off a cliff, causing him to fall and die of his injuries.

The incident occurred June 2 on the north side of Magic Reservoir, in southern Blaine County. Law enforcement officials said 19-year-old Steven Jameson was backing up his Jeep on a narrow road with the assistance of 26-year-old Steven Franco of Ketchum. The Blaine County Sheriff's Office reported that Franco was guiding Jameson's vehicle.

""While [Jameson] was backing it up, his statement is that he went to hit the brake and hit the gas," Blaine County Sheriff Gene Ramsey told the Idaho Mountain Express.

Franco fell approximately 14 feet, struck his head, and fell another 7 feet. Franco was still breathing when an ambulance arrived, but he went into cardiac arrest and died in a helicopter while being flown to a Boise hospital. Ramsey told the Mountain Express that Jameson left the scene of the accident after his vehicle struck Franco.

Jameson was taken into custody and on June 4 was charged with two felonies: vehicular manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident resulting in injury or death. He was also charged with driving without privileges.