'Explosive' Article on POW Bergdahl to Appear in Rolling Stone


The family of POW Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who last week granted interviews to The New York Times and Time, are talking again, this time to Rolling Stone.

The POW's father, Robert Bergdahl, earlier said that he had "reached out to [Taliban] insurgents" and was in "regular email contact" with a man he believed to be a member of the Taliban concerning the 2009 capture of his son in eastern Afghanistan.

The patriarch told Rolling Stone writer Michael Hastings that now his wife "wished that [Bowe] had enlisted in a different branch, like the Navy, that wouldn't have put him on the ground in Iraq or Afghanistan."

But Robert Bergdahl describes his son's experience in the Army as "a deception."

Hastings also writes that the "Pentagon scrambled to shut down any public discussion of Bowe," after his capture. He also reports that the Bergdahls believe their son has "been moved repeatedly to avoid the constant drone strikes along the Pakistan border."

And in perhaps the biggest shocker from the article, Hastings reports that the "in return for Bowe, U.S. officials have offered to swap five of the 3,000 Afghan prisoners being held by American forces."

Additionally, Hastings writes that "there are those in both Congress and the Pentagon who view Bowe as a deserter, and perhaps even a traitor."

"The Hill is giving State and the White House shit," a senior administration source told Hastings. "The policy consequences are being used as leverage in the policy debate."

But a White House official countered by telling Hastings, "Frankly, we don't don't give a shit why he left. He's an American soldier. We want to bring him home."