Pup Convalescing at Zoo Boise May Be Reunited With Its Pack


Male wolf pup is believed to be 5-6 weeks old.
  • Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game
  • This male wolf pup, currently convalescing at Zoo Boise, is believed to be 5-6 weeks old.

Wolf advocates and state wildlife officials are searching for options so that a wolf pup, found near Ketchum on Memorial Day Weekend, can be returned to the wilds of South Central Idaho. But they agree that the pup can't stay at Zoo Boise, where he has been recovering.

"When he came here, he was in decent condition, but thin," Zoo Boise supervisor Steve Burns told the Idaho Mountain Express. "He had been pretty stressed out, and he's still somewhat stressed."

This morning's Mountain Express reports that the male wolf, believed to be 5-6 weeks old and under 20 pounds, is gaining weight, but the zoo "would not be a permanent option for the pup."

A spokeswoman for Defenders of Wildlife said her organization, along with the Wood River Wolf Project, have set up remote cameras in their region, attempting to identify an appropriate pack for the pup. She said the pup "may still have several weeks to be reunited with its pack."

"The window is closing," Suzanne Stone told the Mountain Express. "But it shouldn't be closed yet."