Rabid Bat Found in Boise


Health officials confirmed late Monday that a bat carrying the rabies virus was found on the sidewalk near Madison and 28th streets in Boise on May 30.

Idaho Humane Society officers captured the rabid animal, though no evidence of exposure to human or other animal has been found.

Representatives of the Central District Health Department are urging Boise residents to avoid all contact with bats. While the CDHD has reported no other cases related to this specific bat, they suggest caution.

Rabies cases are often reported in wild animals, and can transfer the disease to household pets through a bite. If contracted, rabies can be fatal in humans and animals.

The CDHD suggests bat-proofing homes by checking chimneys, window screens or peeling siding. Bats can enter through holes the size of a quarter, said officials.

They remind residents to never touch bats, urge vaccinations of pets and suggest seeking immediate medical attention in the event of contact with a bat.