Research Says Boise Upcoming Real Estate 'Boomtown'


A study compiled by Santa Ana, Calif.-based research company CoreLogic names Boise one of the top real estate markets deemed "most improved."

While Phoenix, Ariz., took the top slot, Boise was pinpointed at No. 2, followed by Salt Lake City, Utah, Denver, Colo., and San Jose, Calif.

That led Investor's Business Daily to call Boise one of "the Next Real Estate Boomtowns" in a June 1 article.

Marilyn Alva of Investor's Business Daily wrote that while other markets are affected by a wide stock of distressed homes:

It's different in Boise, Salt Lake City and Denver. They weren't as impacted by the housing bubble and bust, so weren't swamped by an overhang of negative equity. Meanwhile, their local economies are improving.

"So they can take advantage of the low interest rate environment," Khater said.

They also wrote that Boise is benefitting from a general economic upturn.