Lost Wolf Pup Sent to Zoo Boise For Care


Zoo Boise has become a temporary home to a lost pup, while officials await DNA test results to determine "whether it is a wolf, a wolf-hybrid or something else," according to Idaho Fish and Game.

Out-of-town campers discovered the pup outside of Ketchum over the Memorial Day Weekend. A technician at a local veterinarian clinic initially thought the animal was a wolf, so Fish and Game officials spent four days looking for a wolf pack in the area where the pup was found, but couldn't find fresh tracks.

In the meantime, the pup was in need of care and was transferred to Zoo Boise.

"The pup is not in the best physical condition," said a Fish and Game spokesman.

Wildlife officials theorized that it was possible that a pack was moving with pups—perhaps from a den to a rendezvous site—and may have been disturbed by traffic.