Hailey Developer Posts No-Trespassing Signs When He Doesn't Get His Way


A Wood River Valley developer wasted no time in telling the public to keep off the trails long used by hikers in Quigley Canyon.

Last week, the City of Hailey decided against an annexation of approximately 900 acres of Quigley Canyon into the city, which would have given a green light to developer David Hennessy's plans to build more than 400 homes on the site.

But this morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports that Hennessy has retaliated by blocking off Quigley trail access to the public.

New signs at the trailhead read, "We are sorry but due to the city of Hailey's recent denial of our annexation proposal, we can no longer provide public access to this property." Additionally, Hennessy hired a backhoe operator to dig a 100-foot-long, 2-foot-deep trench along Quigley Road. But local officials immediately ordered the digging to stop and the trench to be filled.

Hailey Mayor Fritz Haemmerle told the Mountain Express that Hennessy's plan to close the trails was "sad."