Report: Sewer Funds Finance Rexburg Mayor, Staff Trip to Europe


The mayor of Rexburg is defending a $5,000 European trip by him and two city workers, to get some better ideas on sewer management.

The Rexburg Standard Journal reports that Mayor Richard Woodland, the city attorney and public works director flew to Zurich, Switzerland, and Munich, Germany, earlier this month to view waste management equipment. While taxpayers picked up the cost of transportation and food, two European manufacturers of sewer equipment paid to lodge the three city officials.

According to the Standard Journal, taxpayer funds for the trip were paid out of the city's current sewer improvement bond, designed to fund new utility and system construction. The trip was approved by a sewer oversight committee.

When the Standard Journal asked Woodland why he chose to fly to Europe instead of "using cheaper video or print options," the mayor said, "it was vital to observe the process and inspect the machinery firsthand."