NAACP Votes to Endorse Same-Sex Marriage


The New York Times reports that the board of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People voted to formally endorse same-sex marriage on Saturday, May 19.

Though the Times calls the move "largely symbolic," the vote comes after President Barack Obama endorsed marriage equaity earlier this month.

Michael Barbaro wrote:

The practical implications of the NAACP’s decision are unclear. Several of its leaders have already expressed support for same-sex marriage, and local branches have repeatedly opposed measures to ban such unions, most recently in North Carolina, where voters just passed a referendum against marriages and civil unions for gay people.

The strongest opposition to same-sex marriage within the black community has come from church leaders, whose opinions may not be swayed by the NAACP. In its resolution, the board appeared to be sensitive to those objections, reaffirming its support for religious freedom.