Death Row Inmate Moved to F Block for June Execution


Inmate 23081 has been moved to F Block of the Idaho State Correctional Institute in preparation for his scheduled execution, set for Tuesday, June 12.

Brent Reinke, director of Idaho's Department of Correction, told Citydesk that inmate Richard Leavitt had a sense that his pending execution was coming.

"Absolutely. He was ready to be moved," said Reinke. "For an individual at his stage in the legal process, he was resolved and knew what to expect. The warden did a very good job of communicating with him."

Reinke said that prison officials also made some recommendations regarding other inmates on death row. Leavitt is one of 14 inmates on death row: 13 men and one woman.

"During last November's execution process [leading up to the death of inmate Paul Ezra Rhoades], we tried very diligently to reach out to that population," said Reinke. "The warden told me, 'Look, you've gone a bit too far. Just back off a bit. It's going to be OK. If they need help, they're going to ask you for it.'"

Reinke confirmed that IDOC has opted to use a one-drug injection method for the execution, which is slated for 10 a.m., June 12. Two syringes, each containing 2.5 grams of pentobarbital, will be used, instead of the three-drug method that was used during the Rhoades execution in November.

Leavitt was convicted of the stabbing death of Danette Elg in her Blackfoot home in July 1985. She had been stabbed 15 times and sexually mutilated. Leavitt was convicted in September 1985, but spent the rest of his days appealing his conviction and sentence. His most-recent appeal, to the U.S. Supreme Court, was turned down this week. On Monday, the high court declined to hear his case.