Payette Prepares to Incentivize Better Attendance


Schools in Payette have an attendance problem, and they're prepared to sweeten the pot to help improve the issue.

Representatives from Payette High School and McCain Middle School told the Payette School Board on Monday that they're putting together an incentive program to help improve attendance. School administrators told the board that the district was losing crucial funding when the school's average daily attendance dropped.

McCain Middle School Principal Rick Hale suggested a plan that would offer one of four incentives to a student with perfect attendance: free admission to four dances ($20), a free activity card, a free athletic transportation fee pass, or $20 movie pass.

Payette High School Principal Mark Heleker said "money really talks," adding that he would be talking with the district's finance manager about a possibility of a $25 attendance reward for a nine-week period.

Incentive proposals are expected at the Payette School Board meeting in June.