Beer-less Crux Means Dwindling Profits


Despite serving a lot of beer, wine and coffee during the Treefort Music Festival in March, the Crux's owner Bob Cooper said alcohol was only 30 percent of his business that month.

In this week's issue, Boise Weekly looks at the Alcohol Beverage Control Bureau's decision to temporarily suspend Cooper's license to serve beer and wine at the all-ages venue. Cooper said that as a result, business has taken a hit.

"The profit line: it took about 30 percent of our net profit," said Cooper.

He also said that two of his full-time employees are now down to 15 hours per week.

"Obviously, it cut down on the music we're having. The music paid for itself; we would pay the artists with the profit on the beer that night. Now when we have an artist here and we're just serving coffee, there's no profit in it. So we've had less music as a result.

"I'm baffled on why the law seems to be black and white on the permitting, but they create a gray area with the subjectivity of how they're interpreting that," he said.