Preview: Beer and Coffee Don't Mix at The Crux


According to the Idaho State Police, beer and coffee don't mix at The Crux.

After three months as an all-ages venue serving beer, wine and Stumptown coffee, The Crux was forced to temporarily surrender its alcohol serving license.

"Our family didn’t want to get into the bar business," said owner Bob Cooper, who runs the shop with his wife and sons. He takes issue with ISP's classification of The Crux as a bar.

He chatted with Lt. Bob Clements, the head of Idaho's small Alcohol Beverage Control Bureau, about qualifying to serve beer and allow minors. Clements said the Crux's licensing through a restaurant endorsement doesn't wash.

"They didn’t qualify as a restaurant so they qualified as a bar tavern," said Clements. "They should have been posting their doors limiting minors."

But Cooper and Clements disagree about what should constitute a restaurant, with both referencing the Idaho State statutes.

"The black and white law says 40 percent food, 60 percent alcohol, you can have all-ages all the time," said Cooper.

Wednesday, May 16, Boise Weekly goes in-depth with Cooper and Clements, to the crux of the issue: is coffee food?

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