Meridian School Fires Employee Who Slipped Key to Pranksters


The Meridian School District has decided to fire a female employee for handing over a key to the school to a group of Mountain View High School students. Meridian police say the group of 25 students, 19 over the age of 18, trashed the school as part of a senior prank, including pouring cooking oil on floors and a stairwell, throwing trash on floors and zip-tying lockers together. Those over the age of 18 were cited with unlawful entry and malicious injury. The remaining six faced possible curfew violations.

But on Friday, Meridian Police Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea said the city prosecutor's office was "holding the tickets," meaning that if the students performed community service at the school and paid for the cleanup, charges may be dismissed.

Meanwhile, school officials also decided to allow the seniors to participate in upcoming graduation ceremonies.