Video: OverDrive Digital Bookmobile Rolls Into Boise


The next generation of books took center stage on Thursday, May 10. Parked outside the Boise Public Library at Cole and Ustick was a mammoth 18-wheeler and trailer, which housed a range of electronic devices and different e-book readers for patrons to get their hands on.

Employees with OverDrive, a company libraries contract with to deliver e-books, travel with the digital bookmobile across the country, offering technical support for devices and introducing audible and digital versions of their favorite titles.

Boise Public Library officials said the catalog of digital books available has topped 5,000 titles, with 7,800 total checkouts in April alone.

Boise Weekly caught up with the OverDrive bookmobile, which heads to the Barnes & Noble store off Milwaukee Street today from 1 p.m. through 7 p.m.

[ Video is no longer available. ]