Oregon Restaurant Switches to Bring-Your-Own-Pot Menu


In March 2011, BW visited a then-new medical marijuana dispensary in Ontario, right across the Idaho-Oregon border. 45th Parallel offers marijuana to those with a medical prescription in dozens of forms and flavors: chocolate chunk, blue dream and purple wreck, along with Rice Krispie treats laced with marijuana oils.

We also discovered that the medical marijuana dispensary was catering to hundreds of Idaho clients.

"We know of at least 500 Idaho clients that have bought property in Oregon just in the last 60 days," the nonprofit co-op's director told BW. "They don't want to break the law, so this is going to be their new home. Idaho is losing residents, there's no doubt about it."

The Ashland Daily Tidings reports that another Oregon establishment, in Ashland, is trying something new: a bring-your-own-marijuana restaurant. Earth Dragon Edibles Restaurant and Lounge secured a business license by eliminating its so-called "hash bar" and switching to a bring-your-own-weed format. Owners said that if customers didn't know how to process their own dried marijuana into cooking oil, the proprietors would do it for them.