Why Ron Paul's Maine and Nevada Wins Matter


Somebody forgot to tell Ron Paul that Mitt Romney was the presumptive Republican nominee for president.

Paul won the most delegates in both Maine and Nevada on Sunday, enacting a strategy to exert some influence over his party's policies at its national convention this summer.

In Maine, Paul supporters were elected to 21 of the 24 delegate spots for the GOP confab in Tampa, Fla., as well as to a majority of the state committee seats.

In Nevada, 22 of the state's 25 delegates are Paul supporters.

While he is not likely to gain on Romney in terms of receiving their party's presidential nomination - Paul has support from only 94 delegates compared to Romney's 856 - Paul's supporters' strong showing at the polls indicate the GOP is not completely united behind Romney, and that the party's infighting may last all the way to the national convention.

If the Texas congressman wins six state conventions, his delegation could effectively control convention proceedings at the convention and make motions on nearly anything from the floor, from changing the convention rules, to electing a new convention chairman, to offering up platform resolutions.