Indicted Ski Resort Investor Back in Federal Court Today


The legal mess that is Tamarack will once again be debated in a federal courtroom today. A hearing is scheduled in U.S. District Court in Boise surrounding the case of Matthew Hutcheson, the Eagle investor charged with wire fraud and theft in an elaborate plan to buy Tamarack in 2010.

At Hutcheon's April 12 arraignment, he was released into the custody of his father-in-law, John Mason of Donnelly, with a condition that Hutcheson not be allowed to collect funds from investors. But one week after Hutcheson's release, Mason showed up at Tamarack asking to show off the resort to clients. Mason said that he was acting on behalf of Hutcheson's company, Green Valley.

Federal prosecutors are asking for a ruling on whether Hutcheson violated the conditions of his release and to determine if his father-in-law is an appropriate custodian. Prosecutors said Mason's actions were "tantamount to the defendant marketing and selling the note, and arguably violates (the condition) that the defendant not collect any funds from any investor of any type.”