Early Voting Begins Monday


The 2012 primary election marks a big change for voting in Idaho. This year, voters will be asked to affiliate with a party as part of Idaho's first closed primary.

When voters enter the Ada County Elections building, located in Boise at 400 N. Benjamin Lane, Suite 100, they will be handed a sheet of paper asking them to declare themselves for the Democrat, Constitution, Libertarian, Republican party or as unaffiliated.

From there, voters will select their ballot. By design, Republicans will be able to vote the Democrat, Nonpartisan or Republican ballot. However, Democrats will only have the Democrat and Nonpartisan ballot as their options.

State, local and national elections are on the ballot for this primary, including the entire Idaho Legislature, county commissioners, Idaho's two Congressional seats, a number of unopposed Ada County judges and the presidential election.

Early voting begins Monday, April 30, and will continue through Friday, May 11. Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.