Rep. Phil Hart Loses Again, This Time in Idaho Supreme Court


In less than a month, Athol Republican Rep. Phil Hart has lost two challenges - one in federal court on April 3 and another today in Idaho Supreme Court - in his ongoing battles over unpaid income taxes.

The Associated Press reports that the Idaho Supreme Court handed down a ruling today, unanimously rejecting Hart's latest appeal over $53,000 in unpaid states taxes, interest and penalties.

"None of this court's decisions support his assertion that he had more than ninety-one days to file a Board of Tax Appeals appeal, nor did Hart offer any reasoned basis for us to blaze a new trail in the law," the Idaho justices wrote in a seven-page decision.

The AP's John Miller reports that the justices tossed aside "Hart's basic claim that his status as a state legislator granted him protection from meeting deadlines in his ongoing case with the State Tax Commission."

Earlier this month, U.S. District Justice Edward Lodge ordered Hart to finish up final discovery and pre-trial motions so that he is prepared to defend himself in federal court on Tuesday, Nov. 6 - Election Day.