Boise Police Bust Inebriated Teens, Reckless Drivers on Connector


Boise Police report that they have been quite busy in the past several days dealing with public intoxication and underage drinking.

In patrols across the city on Saturday night, BPD busted up two parties and handed out 38 underage drinking citations, as well as citations for providing false information, resisting and obstructing officers, and violating the city's open container law. The parties, each with approximately 100 people, were being held in the areas of Beacon and Broadway avenues, and at Belmont Street and Lincoln Avenue.

Additionally, the Boise Police Night STEP Team, made up of officers specifically trained in DUI enforcement, focused on the outbound connector last Wednesday and Thursday. In a span of four hours, spread over the two evenings, officers made 55 traffic stops and handed out a stack of tickets, including DUI, speeding, running a red light, no insurance, driving with an expired license and an outstanding warrant.

"The I-184 connector is a major route out of the heart of the city that people use after all kinds of social, sports and entertainment events," said Lt. Bryan Hagler of the Boise Night STEP Team. "It's fairly common to find officers patrolling the connector, and we put the word out that DUI patrols would be out in force these nights and still we had this high number of DUI arrests.