Romney Recalls Grandparents' Difficult Times in Idaho, Utah and Mexico

"My dad's dad went broke more than once."


Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney invoked the memory of his grandfather last night, saying that he "went broke more than once."

The former Massachusetts governor was addressing a Lincoln Day dinner in Greencastle, Pa., and said even though he may be a millionaire, his grandfather wasn't.

"My dad's dad went broke more than once," said Romney. "And my dad learned lessons about the importance of family and of faith and had a great and abiding affection for this country — lessons he taught me."

Romney's remarks were a not-so-subtle response to President Barack Obama's comments made last week.

"I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth," said Obama.

Mitt Romney's grandparents - Gaskell and Anna Romney - had moved to Mexico with a group of other Mormons, but eventually returned to the United Sates, settling in Oakley, Idaho, in 1913. They moved away to Utah, but returned in 1917 to Rexburg, Idaho, where Gaskell Romney was a home and commercial builder. That's also where 11-year-old George Romney (Mitt's father) worked wheat and sugar beet fields. George Romney had much greater success, eventually becoming chairman and president of the American Motors Corp., governor of Michigan and the secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Mitt Romney grew up in the Detroit suburb of Bloomfield Hills, attended prep school and eventually graduated from the business and law schools at Harvard.