Congress to Consider Cyberthreat Bills


In the shadow of mounting cyberattacks on private and public interests, the U.S. House this coming week is expected to take up legislation to build better and higher firewalls to protect critical networks from terrorist groups and unfriendly foreign governments.

Among the proposals on the table is the creation of a system that would allow U.S. intelligence agenices and the private sector to share information about hackers and their techniques.

But according to the Associated Press, civil libertarians have expressed concern over a measure that would grant the National Security Agency backdoor surveillance access to private data.

"The question is whether this is a cybersecurity bill or an intelligence bill," said Leslie Harris, president of the nonprofit Center for Democracy and Technology. "There is just a fundamental debate over what role the National Security Agency should have in protecting civilian networks."

Facebook executives have already said they support the bill, which would still leave it up to individual companies and industries on how best to prevent attacks on their data.