Idaho Soldier Dies in Afghanistan


The Pentagon has identified an Idaho man as a victim in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

Chris Workman, a 33-year-old native of Rupert and recent resident of Boise, was killed Thursday with three other soldiers when their Black Hawk helicopter, responding to a call to evacuate Afghan police officers, went down in the Gamsir District of Helmand Province. The New York Times reports that four Afghan police officers were killed and seven others wounded in a suicide attack at a police checkpoint, and that the American helicopter was flying to the scene to take the wounded to a nearby hospital.

The exact cause of the crash has not been released, but military officials speculated that weather conditions may have been responsible.

According to the Times, Garmsir had been a troubled district with a heavy Taliban presence that was greatly reduced by the surge. The main town, also called Garmsir, has become safer, but insurgents have never been completely driven from the district’s rural areas.