Boise Student Suspended For Creating Hit List


The Boise Independent School District confirmed late Friday that an East Junior High student had been suspended following charges that he had created a so-called "hit list," with the names of approximately 70 students and 10 others, including some celebrities.

The boy has been suspended for five days after Boise Police determined that the student would not carry out his threats.

School officials notified parents or guardians of students, all attending East Junior High, that were on the hit list. Additionally, parents were notifed that the accused student had been suspended for five days.

The East Junior High School website's homepage cautions students about starting or spreading rumors:

"Before asking ANYONE a question or making any comments to others, please think to yourself:
Is it True?
Is it Kind?
Is it Necessary?
If you monitor yourself, others will follow. Please be a positive role model, rather than one who thinks it is cool to put others down. It is never ok to be mean."