Idaho University Students Face Skyrocketing Insurance Premiums


Following lengthy presentations and a vote regarding tuition and fees at Idaho's public colleges and universities, the State Board of Education took up another issue Wednesday that also hits students (and their parents) in the pocketbook - mandatory health insurance.

The board decided to keep the state mandate that full-time public college and university students carry health insurance. Institutions tried to convince board members to make coverage optional because of skyrocketing premiums, but the board ultimately decided to keep the mandate.

Boise State has joined a consortium, along with Idaho State and Lewis-Clark State College, to offer a pool of student health coverage, but premiums have continued to climb. As an example, Boise State students will soon face a 30.9 percent increase in premiums, to $2,124. While students are not required to purchase the plan, they are mandated to show equivalent coverage.