Boise Police Internal Affairs Documents Citizen Complaints, Investigations


The Boise Police Department's Office of Internal Affairs has issued a formal report, detailing the number of citizen complaints against BPD.

The new survey reveals 360 investigations into citizen complaints during 2011, nearly double the number of investigations in 2010 and nearly triple those of 2009. BPD Chief Mike Masterson told members of the Boise City Council on Tuesday that the numbers were "more accurately captured in 2011 because of a new system implementation."

"Better complaint intake and tracking capabilities is not reflective in a change in performance but rather gives us a better ability to confidently and accurately document all citizen complaints and inquiries," said Masterson.

But one of the starker elements of the report details uses of force. The Boise Police Department is required to conduct a review of an officer's use of force when the subject is injured or complains of injury, a lateral vascular neck restraint is used, firearms are discharged or intermediate weapons (including baton, flashlight, K-9 or tasers) are used. In 2011, 230 incidents involving suspected "types of force" were investigated, compared to only 78 in 2010 and 58 in 2009.

Additionally, during 2011, 68 citizen complaints were "sustained;" in other words, sufficient evidence proved the allegations. Thirty-five were driving violations, 14 involved performance of duty, 14 were for failures to report incidents, two were for rudeness and one was for use of force.