Idaho Rural Roadblock Will Be Argued in Federal Court


A legal standoff between Custer County and the U.S. government over a remote stretch of a central Idaho road remains at a deadlock, following a ruling from U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill.

The deadlock surrounds Herd Creek Road, where the Bureau of Land Management placed large boulders blocking the road to keep motorized vehicles from the area in order to help protect the Jerry Peak Wilderness Study. Custer County officials weren't too pleased with the road being blocked, and according to the Associated Press, sent heavy machinery to the road on Sunday.

"But [they] stopped short of removing the boulders after the decision by Winmill, who wrote the county failed to follow proper guidelines to wrest control of the road from the federal agency," wrote the AP's John Miller.

In his opinion, issued last Friday, Winmill wrote that Herd Creek Road had been closed since 1999, "and there is no showing of any need for reopening the road at this point."

Attorneys representing the BLM and Custer County are expected in a Pocatello courtroom this Thursday to argue over Winmill's temporary restraining order that, for now, keeps the road closed.